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Zi Collection- The 2019 Zi Collection consists of 20 stunningly heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, glamorous necklaces. These signature pieces are our high end line and our priced at $25. 

Life of the Party- As a Life of the Party member in Paparazzi Jewelry I have reached certain milestones in my business to receive access to 5 exclusive pieces. These pieces are only available to Life of the Party members for 48 hours and then are not accessible to any consultants after that. I want my customers to have access to these limited pieces, check them out! 

Fashion Fix- New monthly pieces we receive that include exclusive stylist picks! Get them before anyone else!

Starlet Shimmer (Girls)The Starlet Shimmer Line is geared towards younger kids and is offered in a pack of 5 items of assorted colors consisting of rings, earrings, or bracelets.