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Our Story

Britney's Story
​In 2010, my husband and I were newlyweds with a toddler, living with my parents. After buying $3,000 worth of inventory, I was terrified but I knew we could make this work for us.  We were quickly able to make this business a success. Our business started progressing and in 2011 I got pregnant with twins! They were born at 25 weeks, and we didn't know if they would live or die.  Because I was still getting a paycheck from Paparazzi, I was able to spend months with them in the hospital.  I was a mess but my sweet Paparazzi sisters prayed for my boys!  We started this business for the money, but we stayed for the sisterhood!

Robin's Story
My husband and I were in real estate when the market died. We lost seven properties and had no income.  My daughter, Britney, took me to a trade show where we fell in love with a booth selling $5 jewelry. Two days later we drove four hours to buy $3,000 of jewelry, which we had to put on a family members credit card. I felt sick on the way home, but we've never looked back. We took off from there! In 2013, at the top of our game, I was diagnosed with bone cancer.  During this hard time, when I couldn't work, we still received a paycheck and on top of that, so much love! My Paparazzi sisters prayed me better and saved my life! I truly love my life thanks to Paparazzi​!