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Wedding Season: Dress Codes Explained

Wedding Season: Dress Codes Explained

Summer is in full swing! With the warm weather and long nights this is definitely the season for celebration. One of the main celebrations we see throughout the summer are weddings. It is no secret that summer weddings are a popular choice, did you know that 31% of couples get married in the summertime? We love love here at Frank Divas but one of our favorite parts of these celebrations is all the beautiful clothes and jewelry that wedding season brings on.

Although, sometimes this can be a bit confusing. How am I supposed to look formal when it's 90 degrees outside? How formal do I need to look? Is there anything I should avoid? One of our favorite ways to make sure we are dressed to impress while not melting in the sun, of course, is to accessorize appropriately. By dressing up or down a basic outfit you can fit into the recommended dress code, look good, and feel good. Keep reading to see what each dress code means and what pieces we would pair with that style!

Dress codes:

Some wedding invitations will specify a dress code on them! This is helpful but we are still faced with the task of deciphering just exactly what all these dress codes mean. Ranging from “formal black tie” to “come as you are” we will decode each dress code and what to do if there is no dress code specified! 

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White Tie: 

This is the most formal an event could get. White tie event would be a presidential inauguration. Women should be in floor length evening gowns, jewelry, heels and men should be in a tuxedo with ducktails white gloves. This is truly dressing to the nines! 


Black Tie: 

This dress code usually means that the wedding is an evening event. It is a step below white tie but is still one of the most formal of attires. Floor length dresses or tasteful cocktail dresses are appropriate for women. Men should be in a tuxedo. 



This is where dress codes become a bit more relaxed.  Women can wear floor length or fancier cocktail dresses and men have the option of wearing a tuxedo or can wear a dark color suit with a neutral tie. 



This is one of the most popular choices of dress code. Women can lean towards a midi or knee length dress and more comfortable low profile accessories. Men should be in a suit and tie. 


Semi Formal:

With this dress code it is important to note the time of day of the celebration. For evening events consider wearing darker fabrics while in the daytime opt for lighter colors and fabrics. Go for mid length dresses or a fancy skirt and top with comfortable shoes. 



This is one of the newer trends when it comes to wedding attire. Think of it as an expression of your own personal style. Opt. for clothing with fun prints and patterns and accessories that are bright and bold. 



A casual dress code most often means the wedding will be outdoors. Casual may sound relaxed but don't underestimate it by showing up in jeans and a tank top. Instead go for a summer sundress with a flowy form and men can go with a pairing of khaki pants and a collared shirt.


These weddings are usually in humid and hot areas. Fabrics like cotton do well in this climate and if it is outdoors accessorize with a sunhat. Men can opt for linen shirts and dress pants. 



The theme of the wedding will usually be specified by the bride and groom. Follow whatever guidelines they give whether it be a specific color palette of a theme like Gatsby. Turn to the internet to find inspiration pictures for the event. 


Come as you are: 

Come as you are really just means the wedding party doesn't want you to fuss about what to wear. However when given this dress code it is helpful to think about what style the bride and groom normally wear and match with their standards. 


What to avoid: 


Firstly , and widely known, don't ever wear white as to not compete with the bride. This rule applies to men and women alike. Avoid any cream or beige colors that could be easily mistaken for white. Unless specified in a theme dress code anything close to white is an automatic no. 


Make sure that you avoid looking like the wedding party. Avoid a dress that looks like the bridesmaid dresses. If you know the wedding color is green, maybe steer clear of any attire that color. A great tool is social media, many brides and grooms may hint as to what their colors are or share pictures of the wedding party. 


It is always better to be a bit overdressed than appear underdressed. If no dress code is stated opt for a cocktail/semi formal dress. Also take into consideration the style of the bride and groom and how you think they would most feel comfortable. A good rule of thumb is don't wear anything you wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing to a dinner party. 


Make sure it is kept classy. Weddings are sweet and sacred ceremonies and should be treated as such. Be sure to avoid bold and dark makeup, outrageous hairstyles, dresses that are too short or revealing. 

We hope you all have gotten some good inspiration and that you feel prepared to look and feel your best all summer long. Thanks for reading, hugs ❤

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