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New Year Style Guide!

New Year Style Guide!

The new year is finally here, and with a new year comes new styles! But no matter what trends come and go, the one that will never get old is you!❤️ Your inner beauty will never fade with the passing years! That's why as we enter a new year, we are going to give you all the options you need to bring out that inner shine!🤩 Everyone is unique as a snowflake, and your style deserves to match that unique light inside you! That is why we have put together a guide full of all types of styles, so you can choose the best fit (or fits) for you!🤗

Starting Simple with Silver!

This silver set is great if you like dainty and simple things. It is versatile just like you, and could be paired with any outfit that makes you feel good! Its low maintenance and light weight for a busy gal! Pair the layered necklace with a sweater or open collared shirt for a the perfect level of shimmer. Perfect for an errand run, or dressing up a casual outfit with a bit of glam!


 Terrific Turquoise is up next!

Turquoise is a perfect natural looking pop of color! It's not too overwhelming, but it will always stand out! It looks so good paired with a bright pink or yellow for an extra bright day. If you are more into neutral fabrics, this still makes for the perfect addition! It stands out perfectly on top of any neutral as a statement piece! 


Onto Incredible Iridescents...

Iridescent is the perfect mixture of color and sparkle! The amazing shimmery colors make it so versatile because it will pair with just about any color palette. Whether its a night out, or dressing up an everyday outfit, iridescent is the way to go! Let your personality shine through in this amazing set!


Gorgeous Gold is coming up!

If your a gold wearing gal, this is your time to shine! This type of elegant sparkle is exactly what an outfit needs to stand out. Pair something like this with a sleek black top or dress for optimal sparkle! Bonus points for the different gem shapes on these!


Last up are these Crazy Colors!

The dreary winter colors might be dimming your style, and this is exactly the way to fix it! If you are a color loving person, this has it all! These bright mixed up colors are perfect with any solid color top in your wardrobe. It's the perfect way to express your creative side no matter what the season!


No matter what style best reflects your inner sparkle, we are here to help! This is your year, so make it count. Be unapologetically you, in your words and ways! No matter what style you chose to wear, always remember... You're never fully dressed without a smile❤️

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